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Who are we?
We are a group of graduate students that meets regularly on the UCLA campus to learn about God and to share life in Christ. Some of us are just starting to look into the claims of Christianity and some of us have known Christ for a long time. But all of us believe that there’s more to life than finishing that thesis or dissertation, making it in the world, or just getting through the week. What we’re about is simple: life in Christ and life together. Life Christian Fellowship is sponsored by Life Baptist Church, a local church here in West LA. In addition to our group at UCLA, there are also an LCF group at USC.

When do we meet?
2015-2016 school year:
Fridays @ 8 pm Kerckhoff 133
We also meet at 7pm for dinner before the Bible study at the Ackerman food court near Panda Express. We provide the food, so just bring yourself (and your Bible too!).

What are Bible studies like?
We usually meet for about an hour or so to study the Bible together. You can come and ask questions and discuss or, if you’d like, just listen. Afterwards we spend time hanging out with each other, playing games, watching movies, and of course, going out to eat. Join us if you have time!

What else do we do?

Some of us get together throughout the week for one-on-one discipleship and small groups, to pray, study together, or just hang out. From time to time we also have activities with the other LCF groups such as the USC Grad/ISM, and UCLA undergrad. Some of our past activities have included sports, picnics, hiking trips, and ski trips, as well as visits to local attractions like the Getty Museum and the Hollywood Bowl.

Where do you guys go to church?
Many of us attend Life Baptist Church, which is the church supporting LCF Grad.  Church services are Sundays at 4pm. The church meets at the Culver City Teen Center. We regularly provide rides every Sunday, so just shoot us an e-mail if you’d like a ride (e-mail listed below).  After the worship service, the whole church has dinner together, and then sports for those who are interested.  The environment is warm and inviting – the age ranges from working people in their 50s to college students to our very young kids.  It really is a wonderful group of people who are seeking to love God and love one another.  Come visit us!

Want more info?
Contact: Sandy Hsu at hopefulsmile @ gmail.com

  • Welcome to Life Christian Fellowship Grad, an on-campus Christian fellowship for graduate students at UCLA. We hold regular Friday night Bible studies at UCLA and we're also connected with Life Baptist Church (very closeby to UCLA campus). If you'd like to get involved or would like more information, please contact Will at lcf.ucla.grad@gmail.com.

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