In addition to our regular Bible studies, we also offer various other opportunities to help you know God more. These studies are more personal (done either 1-on-1 or in a small group setting) and are conducive for both the seeker and the Christian desiring spiritual growth. The descriptions are below. Please e-mail Sandy at hopefulsmile @ if you are interested in signing-up or if you just want to know more.

Investigative Bible Study (IBS)
If you’re new to Christianity, this is your chance to ask those questions that you’ve always had about life, truth, God, or Jesus Christ. No question is too embarrassing or too hard to tackle. This is a wonderful opportunity to investigate the most influential faith and ideology in history. IBS is a six week course, and it could change your life. Every person, so said mathematician Blaise Pascal, has a God-shaped void in them. Don’t miss out on your chance to think about what life is all about and get your questions answered.

Small Groups
The purpose of the small (focus on the word small) group is to experience life and seek God together with those around you. The world’s a big place, and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Though we come from different walks of life, in our small groups we are the same – people seeking meaning and purpose in life. The small group is a place where you can be yourself and share your thoughts freely, as well as listen to what others have to say and pray for one another. We typically meet at least once a week, and in addition to talking about how things are going, we’ve also read through various books together (e.g., The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray). Each group decides how often, where, and when to meet with one another.

John 1-on-1
The life, teaching, and personal relevance of Jesus Christ will become clear as you study the Gospel of John in detail. Learn about Jesus as Logos, Life, Light, and Love and understand why millions have been transformed as they’ve put their trust and hope in Him.

Survival Kit 1
Learn God’s principles for Christian living and growth as you deal with such issues as: the role of the church, how to engage in spiritual battle, and the three aspects of salvation. Discuss and learn the biblical answers to many often-asked questions about Christian life.

Survival Kit 2
“You are a minister.” With that as our motto, we will examine the proper values necessary in order to be light to our world. We will address the topics of self-image, dating and marriage, money, success and other values. Replete with practical exercises, this course will help you establish Biblical core values and equip you to minister to others.

Useful Links

Bible Gateway – online Bible offering a variety of translations (including ESV)

Experiencing God Day by Day – a daily devotional written by Henry Blackaby

Daily Devotion and Bible Reading Schedule - a daily Bible reading schedule used by many in our group

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